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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Aspergers & Buddhism

I was diagnosed/accepted as being an Aspergers in February. So in the midst of studying for a BA (Languages) and being a parent, I've managed to practice Metta.
What I am finding now that I can express myself as a apparently quite obvious Aspergers is that there is an inherent dichotomy in the way that Nypi's (Neuro typicals) practice Buddhism and the way that Aspies practice it.
For a start Aspies are free of the difference between what is preached and what is practiced. We naturally treat people with respect. Let me rephrase that. Aspies treat all people with respect, unless you happen to be what we consider foolish. We are remarkably tolerant of other peoples views and ways of being. Something we have noticed that Nypi's are not. Fools on the other hand are often bluntly told that we consider them wankers.
Aspies find it very hard to engage in the, how shall I phrase this, we aren't into the politics, clothes comparing, hypocrisy and bullshit that Buddhist groups engage in. When we decide to practice Buddhism and in my case Metta. We practice it without restraint. We take the instructions literally.  We wish all people the best. The grief strikes when this isn't reciprocated. Aspies find this very, very difficult. The instructions that go with Buddhism are incredibly straight forward.
Aspie's see what is taught in Buddhism and we mentally say "Oh, Fuck Yeah!"
Then you  Nypi's start fucking things up. You guys make the simple incredibily complicated.
Why is it you can't keep to what is taught?
It isn't that hard!
Why is it that you Nypi's will start playing politics where there shouldn't be any?
You turn B-u-d-d-h-i-s-m into w-a-n-k-e-r-i-s-m.
If I wanted politics I'd join the local branch of the Party! Party! Party! because since 1989 they've clearly been needing help.
What I have found is that with the way you Nypi's consistently fuck things up, is that I have quite loudly and literally said "Oh FUCK IT!!!" and begun practising by myself. This way I can meditate in the nude, blend Mahayana, Vajrayana, Sufi and more than a little moon watching in with my practice and because I happen to be wearing what may be considered a politically incorrect t-shirt at the time, I'm unlikely to start looking side ways at myself.  I have solid suspicions that an awful lot of Aspies have done the same and simply walked away on organised wankerism.
I'm an Aspie and this is my rant.