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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

It's ALL about me!

I have been pursuing a healthy Tantric life for about 18 months now. Major changes to my diet happened last year with Salmonella doing just nasty things to me...and blowing a 6 month hole into my weight loss programme. Even before then I had made changes, I was eating healthier and exercising a lot more. I lost 5 kg in 2 months.

Since Salmonella I have been even more picky about what I eat and drink. I am a softdrink free zone these days. Have moved to drinking green tea because it is less jolting and because it has no milk there are less kilojoules to it. I live a life without numbers....220, 632 etc. I eat clean and green. I'm also eating more fruit than I ever have. I have included Psyllium Husks into my diet. Psyllium is interesting. It's function in my diet is a bulking agent. If you take 5 grams of Psyllium Husks, 4.5 grams will be pure fibre, the kilojoules are precisely zero, Psyllium is nothing more than indigestable fibre. The logic is simple: if something has zero nutrient value

I exercise with a vengeance. I walk as often as I can and have taken to actively avoiding the lifts in buildings. I dropped the weight on my dumbells from 15 kg to 10 kg, but I will do 100 repetitions a day and do them 4 - 6 days a week.

O.k. that's a nice little wrap, but it doesn't explain why it's ALL about me.
It's ALL about me because that's who I'm doing this for. The main reason is common sense and ego. I'm tired of my wife getting all the attention. I see no reason why a 48 year old can't be eye candy, why I cannot look absolutely delicious. Why is it that I cannot become an object of mass distraction? This is my ego in action in a very positive way. The fitter we are, the better the sex, and the more sexual partners we will attract. Why be content sitting in front of a computer looking at the types of people we would like to fuck, when if we invest in ourselves, we will be able to attract them and fuck them?

I don't want my knees to wear out before time. I don't want a glob of fat to separate itself from an artery and clot in my brain. I don't find bowel cancer or diabetes sexy. I want to look absolutely fuckable. There is no point in having a great personality if you look like a sack of shit.

The practice of Tantra begins with loving ourselves and I do love myself. I do want to look my best well into old age.  I want to nurture and nourish this body so I can enjoy the bliss from it. It is also manifestly nigh on impossible to meditate when you are seriously ill.. Dragging my arse to my meditation room whilst almost dead from Salmonella and then collapsing into unconsciousness isn't a good look. I've been there and tried that. It doesn't work.

So all this investment in diet and exercise and doing the smart things. Is ALL about me.