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Friday, 30 August 2013

Squeezed Out

We are in the process of ending our experiment with Swinging. Basically we are playing until years end when we intend to begin extending our family and that, in all likelihood, will be the end of our Swinging Days.

The decision was reached after much discussion. We, it seems, entered the Swinging scene with an above average level of naivety. We thought that Swingers would be a crowd that took great care with themselves, that there would be a predominance of toned bodies. We thought we'd be getting:


                              WE WERE WRONG !!!

 The Swinging scene is dominated by fat horrors. We have consistently found ourselves at parties where the very people we thought shouldn't be getting their gear off....have!!!

Although the above photo's aren't from a party we've attended, they aren't all that unrepresentative of those we have. Initially we thought the oinking demographic might be just bad luck...We've visited half a dozen parties spread across Metro Melbourne and the Swinging demographic has remained the same. There has been precisely one party and because we think the owner of that party is a complete fucking cunt we won't be mentioning his name here, that was any different..

The best parties happen over summer...and even they can make like dog shows. Personalities there have been some great ones. Bodies on the other hand....!!!! And let's face it, I'm not gonna be at a sex party for the witty conversation.

Let us make it clear. We remain comitted Tantrics. The workouts continue and if anything are intensifying. It's Swinging we are leaving.