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Friday, 4 September 2015

Cheat Meals

I use a Cheat Meal as part of my weight loss strategies. The idea is that once a week we indulge ourselves as a reward for the sacrifices we've been making all week.
Back in the early 2000's when I was at my heaviest....140 cheat meals was roast duck. Once a week I could go and eat an entire flock of ducks if I wanted to...the crispy skinned, fatty goodness was heaven and I lost a lot of weight.
This time around I have changed my thoughts on the cheat meal. I still have it, and it is still good, but rather than quantity I have quality. So instead of eating my own body weight in roast duck, I now enjoy an eye fillet steak. Rather than drinking a 6 pack of something from a major brewery I now drink one or 2 beers from a microbrewery. It is the quality of the ingredients in my meal that make it a cheat meal.
Now I take my time to enjoy the meal. Often I cook the meal and make this part of the enjoyment.
I don't eat enough to feed half of Africa, but my cheat meal is still worth the sacrifice of the other 6 days.