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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Now that I'm 50

Yep, that's me in all the horror. I turned 50 last Thursday. A lot has happened in the last half century. If I have my way it is the next half century that will be the better half century.
As you all know, I lost a much loved brother in December of last year. Mark was 60 when he died. As I've blogged I think Mark had an awful life that ended in a perfectly shitty death. Mark was almost literally the polar oppossite of me in personality. Where I like to self describe as: Mad, Bad, Dangerous to Know. Mark was more: Mad, Sad and Self Harming.
Which has me thinking.
I'm 50. An age I never expected to reach.
Now that I have, what am I going to do with it? What is my Bucket List?
 I will resume my Food Diary and the healthy eating it helps reinforce.
 I will return to my exercise program of weights, walking, Pilates and Yoga.
I will finally deal with the emotional baggage that remains from my exit from Theravada. I have baggage with Brahmavamso Bhikkhu in particular. I won't be wild about the ego the guy has, nor the brain dead adulation given to him, but he is successful for a reason...and that is his teachings on getting into the Bliss States work. so I will  engage him on the Internet and in books where I can filter the ass kissing. I have been stupid in the extreme to let my own dislike of the personality cult around Brahmavamso get in the way of the effectiveness of what he teaches. I will incorporate those teachings into Metta Tantra, let me see if I can cut past the ego of the guy to see if there is something that can be used in a healthy life.

.I will continue to deepen my practice of Metta Tantra. Which is to say I will continue treating my body with great gentleness, I will treat other people with great gentleness, I will continue my efforts towards physical and mental perfection.
In some ways having turned 50 everything has changed, in many ways nothing has.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

House Blessing

We all have all moved house at some point. Most of us who have a connection to Asia want to have our new residence blessed. It helps keep people like demons away. Buddhists will often use the Monastic Sangha such as the ones in the photo below with their percieved virtue to bless a newly moved into dwelling.

Having experienced more bad attitudes and lethal senses of entitlement in the Theravadin Monastic Sangha than I ever cared to, I began thinking that there has to be a more DIY and fun way of putting positive energies into a place. I mean why engage the services of those that are that fucking hopeless at everything they've ever attempted that their last attempt at being relevant is to persuade people that their joyful little dispositions are worth feeding simply because they dress up?

Rather than giving to those who frequently have too much and feel that it is your place in the world to massage their ego's bless your own joint. Surely the photo below has to be more fun?

So do what's happening in the photo below in every room.

Or some

Has to make a place receptive to the right type of spooks. Sex is wholesome. Sex done properly gives very positive states of mind. Beautiful people fucking other beautiful people beautifully is the most wholesome of all activities.

Living a healthy beautiful life is deeply wholesome. It is far more wholesome than failing at what you attempt in life and then taking refuge in a religious order.

Want to bless your house?
Become physically and emotionally beautiful in the way that Metta Tantra teaches and then have lots of beautiful sex with someone you love, who hopefully is also physically beautiful.
Don't throw your food, time and money away on a group of failures.