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Saturday, 27 October 2012


When I was growing up there was a cartoon strip called Hagar the Horrible about a particularly inept Viking.. In one particular strip Hagar is absolutely gorging himself and one of his followers asks him out it. Hagar's reply is utterly brilliant:
"Everything in moderation....including moderation".
We must balance our lives. The intense hike is balanced by a deep sleep. The weights workout is balanced by yoga. The diet is balanced by the occasional bout of utter indulgence. The sex is balanced by periods of abstinence (however brief).
The exercise of balance is important. We may occasionally swing like a metronome, but eventually we slow down and spend more and more time in the a state of balance.
When everything is balanced nice things begin to happen. Blissful things. For all the apparent extremes of Tantra, balance is its ultimate goal.
Suppressing one entire and important aspect of ourselves is one reason why celibacy works for such an incredibly minute percentage of us. We need the release of sexual energy in order to bring things into balance.